Spirits, Somewhere In Time
Historical Report
Historical Report for “Somewhere in Time, Bed & Breakfast.”

Address:                Somewhere in Time Bed and Breakfast
                          100 Market Street
                          New Richmond, Oh  45157

Contact Name:        Bev Alanis

County:                    Clermont        
Township:               Ohio
Additional Location Information:        

Owner 1:                Jean L Hussa
Info:                        Bought from Terry Victor and Kathleen Frueh, on May 7, 2007

Owner 2:                Terry Victor and Kathleen Frueh
Info:                        bought from Ann Reed and William Lindsey 10-1-2003
                          Deck added 2006

Owner 3:                Ann Reed and William Lindsey
Info:                        Bought the land from Donald and Mary Brotherton 6-13-97
                          Fireplace repair 1999

Owner 4:                Donald and Mary Brotherton

Info:                       bought the home from Stephen and Cheryl Boney 3-29-93

Owner 5:               Stephen and Cheryl Boney

Info:                       Bought the home from Hazel Irene Gee 11-12-85

Owner 6:                Irene Gee bought the home from Ellsworth Gee 9-4-85 prior to his death.

Owner 7:                Ellsworth Gee bought the home from John H. and Virginia Colonel on

Owner 8:                John Colonel bought the home from William Remigius Frye on 11-4-59

Owner 9:                William Frye received the property from the estate of Sophia E. Frye who
                           passed away 2-19-54 (his mother)

Owner 10:              Sophia Frye acquired the property after the death of her husband William
                          B. Frye 10-13-35

Owner 11:              William B. Frye bought the property from James W. Moss 10-13-15.  He
                           was mayor of New Richmond for a time in 1938.

Owner 12:              James W. Moss purchased the property from Charles L. Moss with a quick
                          Claim deed 10-28-1856.

Owner 13:              Clermont County, Under the name Charles Qiugley, took a bond of
                          conveyance out on lot 105 1-25-1823 to
                          build a jail to establish new Richmond as the county seat.  This did not get
                          done so the land was sold to an unknown source.  Perhaps Charles L. Moss.

Owner 14:               Jacob Light bought the original land the Jackson survey, 333 acres

Residents in past:        
Parcel Number:        260905.105A                        

Year Built:                1919
Built by:                    William B. Frye

Lot/Structure Info:    Residential/Commercial
                           2 Stories, Aluminum/Vinyl Old style
                           2851 square feet, full basement, unfinished attic
                           5 Bedrooms
                           5 Full Baths
                           1 ½ bath
                           CENTRAL Heat

Death and/or Funerals associated with site:  

•        Maria H Moss died on the property of heart disease 11-3-1913.  Wife of James Moss. She was 60.
•        Elizabeth Frye died on the property of pneumonia at the age of 93.  Mom of William B. Frye. Died 1-24-
•        Helen May Frye died at 1year 6 months of age, diarrhea enteritis.  She was a niece of William B. Frye.  
Did not live on site. Died 2-19-1930.
•        William B. Frye died of stomach cancer.  Worked in the knitting mills. Married to Sophia Frye.  Was 65
when he died 2-23-1934. Died on the property.  A side note, his brother and sister both died at 65 of heart
disease.  William’s heart disease would have killed him had the cancer not done so.  His brother was retied
from the hosiery mill and his sister was at home and never married.
•        Sophia Frye died of a blood clot.  Married to William B. Frye.  Died 2-19-1953.  She was 80.  It was
sudden and at home.
•        George Ellsworth Gee died at Clermont Mercy 6 months after selling and moving to a nursing home
June 11, 1986.

Geology Info:              Frequent flood zone
                                No seismic zones beneath
                                Limestone and shale under home
                                soil 42 inches on top of limestone

News associated w/address or people:

Misc. info:              No Indian activity near location other than hunting and fighting.  No
                           homes that near the river.
                           Jackson Survey originally outlined land.  Owned by Jacob Light.  

Please note that the American Historical Society states that George Ellsworth gee died in Columbus after
never residing in new Richmond after growing up.  However, a death certificate is issued to him in Clermont
County which only happens when the deceased dies in that county.  
Report Compiled by: SOAR- Oct. 25th 2008

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