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Property Historical report of the Dr. Rogers house in New Richmond, Ohio.
Property History

Year Built:      1830
Remodeled:   1919
Built by:          John. G. Rogers

Lot/Structure Info:   Early 19th century architecture
2 Stories, brick construction duplex style
3192 square feet, part basement, attic

4 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, CENTRAL A/C

Owner 1:  Robert Lees
Info:          Bought from Ritter, Michael L. & VA on a land contract on Sept. 28, 2006

Owner 2:   Ritter Michael L & V A
1616 Bethel New Richmond Rd.
Info:           bought the home for 55K Dec. 31, 1986

Owner 3:   Howard W. Goetz and Nancy A.
419 Market St. New Richmond, OH
Info:          represented by attorney Gary A. Rosenhoffer, Batavia, Bought the land from Lawrence and Agnes Carol Goetz         
July 18, 1979

Owner 4:   Agnes Goetz purchased the lots from Arthur H. Lammrish and Elizabeth 12-24, 1928
Info:          Had a stillborn baby in 1921 before owning the home.

Owner 5:   Arthur and Elizabeth Lammrish purchased the lots from G.W. Burnet and  Elizabeth Burnet Nov. 10, 1924

Owner 6:   G.W. Burnet and Elizabeth Burnet purchased lots from Julia S. Dimmitt Aug. 21, 1917 for $1000.00

Owner 7:   Julia S. Dimmitt bought from the sheriff after it was collected for a debt from A.E McMurchy in 1917 for $1325.00

Owner 8:    A.E. McMurchy bought from Amanda Knowles for $1800.00. Dec 18,

Owner 9:    Amanda Knowles collected the property after a mortgage taken out on it by Eliza Rogers was not paid for the
amount of $1200.00 in 1882

Owner 10:  John Rogers and Julia Morris, wife, purchased the land in 1817 at the age of 20.  Had 5 children Eliza, Levinia,
Lydia, Rachel, one stillbirth. Julia Died, John remarried Sarah Ann Molyneaux.  Ann taught school.He was the first president of
the Clermont County Anti-Slavery Society in 1836, a Liberty Party candidate for public office and a member of the Chieftains of
Liberty, vigilance committee. Dr. Rogers was a financial supporter of James G. Birney, publisher of “The Philanthropist”
newspaper, and often patrolled the streets of New Richmond to guard the paper’s office. In 1843, Rogers and Rev. Amos
Dresser, the famed Lane Seminary rebel, drafted a strong anti-slavery memorial for the New Richmond Presbyterian Church
and submitted the statement to the Cincinnati Presbytery.  Rogers practiced medicine for over 60 years and is most noted for
the delivery of Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States, in Pt. Pleasant, 1822

In years gone by, he gained prominence as one of the earliest and most influential and unflinching opponents of that monstrous
anomaly, a slaveholding republic, and has lived to see his cherished anti-slavery principles carried out and adopted by the
government. He now, being in his seventy-ninth year, has retired from his professional labors and is enjoying a quiet and
peaceful old age. Dr. Rogers is listed as living with his wife Sarah and daughter Eliza on the 1880 Census and it is confirmed in
“The History of Clermont County 1880”. Dr. Rogers died in 1882 at the age of 85 years old.  

Current tenants
Freedom House Gallery Artists LLC
309 Front St.
New Richmond, OH 45157

Paul Vanderbosch CPA
307 Front Street
New Richmond, OH  45157

SOAR, Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers
307 Front Street, 2nd Floor
New Richmond, Ohio 45157

Death and/or Funerals associated with site:

Lawrence Goetz died Feb. 28, 1974.  His wife sold to their son in 1979.  They lived at Rt 1. Bethel New Richmond Rd., not on
Front street.  Died after hitting his head.  He was 79.  Buried St. Peter Cemetery.  He operated the service station on Front
Street.  Ferdinand Goetz died Oct. 9, 1930 of throat cancer.  Lived at 219 George Street.  Worked as a textile worker in a
woolen mill.  Dad of Lawrence Goetz. Magdalene Goetz died April 17, 1931 of stomach cancer.  She was a homemaker.  Mom to
Lawrence Goetz.

Geology Info:   Frequent flood zone,  No seismic zones beneath Limestone and shale under home soil 42 inches on top of

News associated w/address or people:

Misc. info:   No Indian activity near location other than hunting and fighting.  No homes that near the river.  Part of the
Underground railroad freedom trail. Rogers was President of anti-slavery group in area.

Jackson Survey originally outlined land.  Owned by Jacob Light.  

We have included the following just for general knowledge.  Amanda Knowles took the home from Eliza Rogers after she was
unable to repay a loan.  Almira McMurchy purchased the home from Knowles.  Almira McMurchy’s mother’s maiden name was
Knowles.  Almira McMurchy lost the home during the massive foreclosure of her properties after she was unable to repay a loan
to the bank in 1917, the year of her death.   Julia Dimmitt purchased the property from the bank.  George W. McMurchy’s
(Almira’s husband) mother’s maiden name was Dimmitt.  Julia Dimmitt signed off on Almira’s death certificate.  Also on the loan
that was not repaid was a list of names that lost the rights to all of the properties repossessed.  Although they were not owners
of the home, they did not receive any alleged promised funds from the sale since it was foreclosed on.  Julia Dimmitt purchased
the property alone, thereby relieving her heirs from responsibility of the debt owed by McMurchy’s but maintaining the property.  
Also of note, the value of the home seemed to go down with each sale until the most recent two sales.  Possibly due to flooding
and loss of land associated with the widening river.

Dr. Rogers Property & Inhabitants Source Information:

Link: Clermont County recorders office
Link: Clermont County Health District Death records

Ownership and lot information came from the Clermont County Recorders office.

Court information came from the Clermont County Recorders office.

Geological, seismic and historical information came from the Clermont County library reference section. Most notably: The
History of Clermont County, 1880

Death information came from the Clermont County Hall of Records.
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